San Francisco Theta Alumnae

Dues Update From Headquarters

Since 1992, Kappa Alpha Theta has asked each alumna member to pay an annual per capita fee to the Fraternity through her alumnae chapter or directly to the Fraternity as a member at-large. The per capita fees support general Fraternity operations, attendance at Grand Convention by a delegate from each alumnae chapter in good standing, alumnae chapter liability insurance and ongoing support for alumnae programming. In addition, the Fraternity has added a full-time staff position to focus exclusively on the needs of Theta alumnae, and has enhanced a number of programs and resources for alumnae chapters and members. To continue to fund the growth of our alumnae programming and chapter support, Grand Council has implemented an increase in the annual alumnae per capita fee to $30 per member, effective Jan. 1, 2013. Because of this increase, you will see an adjustment in our annual dues so we can continue to provide our programming.

Please direct any questions regarding this increase to Bailey Haws, our Chapter President, who will be happy to share your questions or concerns with National Headquarters.